Full Moon

It took listening to a podcast to remind me, last week, that a full moon invites Easter into our calendar year after year. I was never good with the real indicators of the holiday to come. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday—all of them represent the death and resurrection of Christ, I’m sure, … Continue reading

Five Months

In the beginning of my Peace Corps service, I marked each passing month with a set of goals. This month I’ll order a sofa. This month I’ll run 5 kilometers. This month I’ll bake a cake from scratch. Setting goals within the span of four weeks seemed like a good enough way to measure time. … Continue reading

The Banana Thief

It happens when I’m on my sofa reading, sipping chai, or whatsapping a friend.  There’s music playing (my current obsession a soulful i-tunes genius mix based on Rachael Yamagata’s “Duet”) or maybe just the birds’ morning melody on repeat.  Sometimes I hear a soft knock on the door, but usually it’s just footsteps and heavy … Continue reading

By the numbers (India)

150: cost of Vogue India magazine (in Indian rupees) 17: hour layover in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 9: small emeralds on silver ring purchased in Udaipur 8: days reunited with former host families 3: signed books from Jaipur literature festival 2: travel buddies from Ethiopia 1: last minute decision to fly south to Kerala

Letting Go

I returned to Adaba last Thursday just after dusk.  The electricity was out around town and I didn’t have the light of a cell phone to guide my footpath.  Though I practically know the town’s plot by heart, I was still scared to walk home with my big blue backpack in the dark. After a … Continue reading