Two Blue Hose go to Ethiopia

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

With the exception of married couples, the Peace Corps makes no effort to place individuals in similar locations.

My friend and classmate Lacy and I applied independently to the Peace Corps.  Throughout the application process that began, for me at least, in December 2010, the two of us have shared various experiences and tidbits of advice with one another.  We even traveled to Columbia together last fall to attend an event Returned Peace Corps Volunteers held for future volunteers.

Imagine the surprise when I watched Lacy open her invitation to join the Peace Corps in late March.  Ever since I received my own invitation with the word ETHIOPIA printed on thick  government letterhead a few days earlier, Lacy and I imagined working together as a part of the same team.

It happened!  Lacy and I are both a part of the 70-member G-7 education cohort to Ethiopia that leaves early June. Considering we will both graduate in May from a college of 1200 students…this is a REALLY BIG DEAL.  The Peace Corps recruiter who interviewed me last summer sent me an email recently, “There is another young woman from your school who will be in your training class.  Do you know her?” she asked me.  “This is incredibly rare.”

I am so thankful to have Lacy joining me! From Presbyterian College to the Peace Corps, one PC to another, the journey continues…

Lacy and I with our invitations to join the Peace Corps!


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