It’s Possible…

It’s Possible…


When you are swimming in a culture of differentness, sometimes even reality becomes a mirage.  The following experiences fall on on a paradigm of possibility–just don’t ask where!


definitely happened

-got served kitfo atop a plate of injera with gomen and tagabino for dinner.  in my fatigued stupor, i ate some of the sticky, red, earth-tasting stuff, which sat heavy on my stomach all through the night.

-dropped a roll of toilet paper into the bottomless pit of the shint bet


may have happened

-saw three beautiful, tall, blonde, non-Peace Corps-affiliated men walking down the road in Assela last Sunday

-made over 200 vocabulary flash cards to review for my LPI (Language Proficiency Interview) next week

-got courted by a twenty-something Ethiopian man who asked if I needed help painting my fingernails


keep dreaming

-heard (and smelled!) the drip, drip, drip of a coffee-pot upon waking today

-watched America win a gold medal in the London Olympics instead of the otherwise endless stream of homemade habesha music videos and fifty year-old Tom and Jerry re-runs


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