Real Life Conversations

-30 year-old grown man: Good morning White.

-Me: Seriously?

-Counterpart: Are there donkeys in America?

-Me: At the zoo.

-Everyone in town: Is there mud in America?

-Me: Yes.

-Everyday, from everyone who thinks they know English, no matter the time: Good morning!!

-Me: Good…um…good afternoon

-Them: Where are you go?

-Me: Why was Jahred upset this afternoon?

-My landlord: He was weeping needlessly.  Foreigners don’t like that.  So I scolded him.

-Kid at the “Next Generation” HIV/AIDS prevention club in town: Could we pose you a question

-Me: Um, ok.

-Kid: Suppose a father has work to do around the country.  He gets another woman besides his wife pregnant.  20 years down the road his daughter at home is getting married.  When he does to the wedding, he realizes that his daughter is engaged to his illegitimate child.  What do you do?


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