By the Numbers

2 – times I’ve locked myself out of my little mud house since August 17 and, consequently, broken in

3 – birthday packages I’ve already received, opened, and began to enjoy (thanks fam!)

4 – cost of a buna ba wettet (coffee with milk) in Adaba, in birr

5 – times/day I hear the call of prayer echoing from mosques in Adaba

7 – primary schools with which I work in Adaba

10 – little seedlings growing outside my window

12 – cost of bananas in Adaba in birr/kilo

24 – days until my In-Service Training (IST) in Ambo

31 – cost of a bus ticket from Adaba to Shashemene, in birr

40 – my P.O. box number in Adaba (in case ya forgot!)

65 – remaining Peace Corps volunteers in my group (G-7)

70 – original Peace Corps Trainees in my group (G-7)


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