By the Numbers

By the numbers


0: amount of correspondence I’ve received in the past week through mail. (A glaring mistake on behalf of the Ethiopian Post, since, as volunteers, we should receive at least one large envelope from the Peace Corps Office every week).  No matter–I’ve been so spoiled in the past month by all who sent packages or letters.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

4: rose clippings I gathered from various residences in town to grow outside my home

5: cobs of corn I bought at the market, to dry and take to the mill to grind into GRITS!

23: my age as of November 9!

30: charter members of Mariboo Caata Primary School’s newly-formed English club

35: years of experience both my counterpart and landlord have teaching English in Ethiopia

80: rough estimate of the number of people on the street I lectured on respect after a 10 year-old touched my butt in the middle of town and expected to get away with it

1400: cost of my two new custom-made rocking chairs, in birr.  worth every dirty little note!

2012: the year I finally discovered how bluetooth works by downloading a PDF file from the hardly-functioning internet on my phone and transferring it to my computer

14,168: current population of Adaba town, according to the municipality office



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