Mary Oliver

Read one newspaper daily (the morning edition

is the best

for by evening you know that you at least

have lived through another day)

and let the disasters, the unbelievable

yet approved decisions,

soak in.

I don’t need to name the countries,

ours among them.

What keeps us from falling down, our faces

to the ground; ashamed, ashamed?

And there we were, eating calzones and watching the news and for a moment, it was like we were there–in America.  In the worst way, in America.  On the screen, 26 Christmas trees with gifts wrapped under them.  I started to cry because how could this, this, happen in my country?

In one place I know children are dying because of guns, big power led so astray.  Sick and nasty I just don’t understand.  And in another place I know parents are dying from AIDS without their babies knowing.  Left orphaned: just. like. that.  Sick and nasty I just don’t understand.  And now In another place I know smart young girls fall to the ground because of their womanness, left not a chance in the world.  Sick and nasty I just don’t understand.

Death and decay all around us.

How long we wait for renewal.

learn to do good;

seek justice;

correct oppression;

bring justice to the fatherless;

plead the widow’s cause

isaiah 1:17


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