Abbye’s Prayer

Blown away by sharing prayers with my friends.  Amen, Amen, Amen.

Help me to perceive rightly the more difficult things–suffering, pain, sadness, evil, wickedness, etc.  These things are not your design–they are not things you love or desire for your people.  Help us to be angry at the right things and to bring all of it to you and trust that you ARE redeeming this earth.  You are working here.  You have not left us.  Transformation is slow and hard to see, but you are committed to us.  What a privilege it is to work as you have worked and are working, to love as you have loved and are loving, to suffer as you have suffered.  Jesus, you are worth it all.  You are worth every tear, every drop of sweat, every dirty and cracked foot, every moment of pain.  Jesus, you are worth it.  You promise to be with us and give us more of yourself.  Please give us yourself today.  Be with us; be near.  Let us feel your presence.  You promise to always be with us; you don’t promise to always let us have awareness of it.  Please give us awareness of your nearness.  You promise to guide us continually, to satisfy our desire in scorched places and make our bones strong.  You promise to make us like a watered garden, like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.  You promise to rebuild our ancient ruins.  (Isa. 58:6-12)  Every promise is yes in you!  –Abbye Epting




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