Many people ask what I’d like to receive in care packages.  Quite honestly, I don’t NEED anything and don’t want to become dependent on outside resources during my commitment to living in Adaba.  But there are treats I would LOVE if you send something.  Sending flat-rate USPS boxes or envelopes is best!

Here are things I would LOVE:

  • pictures of you and info about your life!
  • almonds (non-salted)
  • granola
  • tofu
  • packets of tuna, chicken, or salmon
  • cheese (laughing cow, parmesan, cheddar or pepper jack–you CAN send blocks of cheese without refrigeration)
  • stationery
  • nice books or articles you’ve come across lately
  • old magazines
  • candles
  • boxed wine (hide it in a tampon box, like my friend Monica!)
  • dark chocolate
  • dried raspberries or craisons
  • Crystal Light (especially raspberry lemonade, raspberry green tea, or Mohito flavors!)
  • nail polish
  • bar shampoo, like this stuff: http://www.lushusa.com/Shampoos/liquid-shampoos,en_US,sc.html
  • orbit gum

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